The Lobby

Guests entering the Tamarin lounge immediately feel at home. The meeting place for all hotel guests is an expansive lounge built from Galilean stone spreading warmth and coziness, with the natural décor of the pastoral and hypnotic view reflected through huge window.
The lounge offers stylish and comfortable sofas, an aristocratic wooden table, special chests of drawers and a large TV screen connected to satellite television.
This is the place one enjoys lively company, reading and relaxation, stepping out to the scenic balcony or indulging in a bite from the kitchen.    
The lounge kitchen is the heart of Tamarin: It is fully equipped with electrical appliances, a stove and ventilation hood a microwave oven, coffee machine water bar, huge refrigerator, dishwasher and its tables loaded all day long with refreshments prepared by the hotel Chef - fluffy croissant, savory and sweet freshly baked pastries, seasonal fruit, hot drinks, freshly pressed juice and other appetizing nibbles. 
The long dining table of carved wood is surrounded by beautifully designed chairs is where Tamarin famous breakfast and the private Chef dinners, ordered in advance, are served.

For more information and reservations: 972-54-3308897
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