The Suites

Tamarin luxury suites are a blend of tranquil Galilean atmosphere and the indulging well designed space where you can relax and relish those enchanted and unforgettable moments of pleasure.
The suites' woodwork and trimmings were carved by the hand of an artist – the elegant decor is accentuated by the natural daylight flooding through the huge windows and decorative carvings, stone pillars and other rustic items merge into a harmonious whole. 
Each suite offers a huge King Size, comforting, double bed with an orthopedic mattress covered with snow white soft beddings, a Jacuzzi for two set in a wood construction    embracing it's bathers in the intimacy of the far corner of the suite. 

The bathroom continues the expansive design offering a spacious shower with a powerful shower head. A hair dryer and exclusive toiletries complete the [bathing] experience.
Facing their beds, guests of the boutique suites enjoy a modern media center consisting of a flat screen television, integrated DVD and digital cable converter set on a beautifully carved and ornate white Provance style chest of drawers. 
The small yet inviting kitchenette has a bar-like high counter, well equipped with an NesPresso capsules machine, mini-bar, electrical kettle, and tastefully designed tableware. 
At Tamarin, we believe that the secret is in the details - the vase with colorful flower arrangements, the wine glasses, pampering soft bathrobes and matching slippers. The light fixtures and pictures, seating areas and designer armchairs. The suite has a classic closet and adjustable air-conditioning system, for maximum comfort.

Let the hypnotizing scenery indulge you.. 
The highlight of these tasteful suites is the extraordinary way they blend with the pastoral scenery and surroundings – the upper suites opens to a wooden deck balcony with delicate glass windows, whereas the lower suites has a private yard with a luscious green lawn. The balcony and the yard both have a lovely sitting area with table and comfortable chairs for sheer relaxation in the open air.
The suites overlooking the scenery offer pure mountain air and a breathtaking panoramic view over the green Golan Heights, Mount Hermon and the Sea of Galilee. It's absolutely love at first sight.

For more information and reservations: 972-54-3308897
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